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Based in, Ambala Cantt (Haryana, India) we, Pacitora Biotech are a trustworthy organization, established in 2017, offering our clients with a plethora of pharmaceutical products such as Paracetamol, Azithromycin, Levocetirizine, etc. We even give PCD franchisees and are an eminent distributor of PCD pharma products. We were established with an aim of rendering effective medicines manufactured as per the standards and norms of medicinal industry guidelines.

PCD Pharma Franchise Company

As a PCD Pharma franchise company, we welcome Pharmacy dealers, Distributors and Medical Representatives, new entrepreneurs from all over India to become our PCD Pharma Franchise Partner for our products in their region with 100% monopoly.

Third Party Manufacturing

With more than 10 years of Experience is the better option when it comes to third party manufacturing (TPM). Pacitora Biotech has gained a lot more reputation in third party pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

Quality Policy

We continuously strive to achieve customer satisfaction by supplying products meeting various quality parameters and within stipulated delivery time. We anticipate customer’s perspective and support them adequately in a time bound manner.



We supply high grade medicines in the form of Tablets like Azithromycine, Levocitrize, Nimesulide and more ..


We provide variety of safe and healthy medicine capsules like Lycrotrex, Pacilec, Omiter-D and various others ..

Soft Gelatin Capsules

We offer Soft Gelating Capsule(s) with liquid or semi-solid center (inner fill) for medicines like Vitopax etc..

Ayurvedic Preperation

Our Ayurvedic Products are safe , tested and healthy to provide you the right health benefits you need.

Oral Liquid

Oral Liquid Solutions are easy to consume and act very fastly. We supply Oral Liquids with top standards.

Dry Syrup

Dry Syrup is useful in case of bioavailability. Explore our product range we have in our Dry Syrup section here.

Ointments / Lotions

These are used as a moisturizer to treat various skin / muscle problems by directly applying on body.


Injections are mostly used to directly inject the medicine in the body for quicker response time. Check our injections range here.

Eye & Nasal Drops

Our Eye / Nasal Drops are made with quality certified drugs and are safe in every manner for human body.

Protien Powder

Our Protien Powder range is made of High quality supplements to help you boost your immunity and body growth.

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